Just Because I Work From Home | Work at Home Myths

Just Because I Work From Home | Work at Home Myths

Just because I work from home… I find myself saying this a lot lately and it is quite irksome. Just because I work from home doesn’t mean I am lazy or free to do whatever I want. Contrary to popular belief, those of us who work from home are not as ‘free’ to do whatever as you may think. On top of working at home, I also have a side business, family and household to run. It’s like 20 jobs rolled into one. 

Think of it as a real job. Why do I say that? Because it is a real job! 

I currently work for 2 companies making it a fulltime job just to do the work. Sometimes I find myself putting in 60 hours a week. Here is what a typical day looks like for me: 

4:30 AM – Wake up and try to become presentable to the world (my kids). 
5:00 AM – Start my business day by looking at my to-do list and reorganizing my blocks of time or schedule.
5:30 AM – Handle any social media/blog needs for the morning. 
6:00 AM – Get the kids up and getting ready for school. Try to eat breakfast and do dishes at the same time. 
7: 00 AM – Waiting for the last bus and starting Job 1.
9:30 AM – Eat a snack and spend an hour on my household chores, calls, and errands. 
10:30 AM – Back to Job 1. 
12:00 PM –  Lunch and working on my side business. 
1:00 PM – Start Job 2. 
3:00 PM – Kids get home and get them settled in for the afternoon. Project manage them to do their chores. 
3:30 PM – Back to Job 1. 
5:30 PM – Cooking and cleaning. 
6:00 PM – Eat dinner and spend time with the family. 
7:00 PM – Back to Job 1. 
9:00 PM – Working on my business. 
10:00 PM- Shut down 
11:00 PM – Sleep to start it all over again. 

This does not include interruptions throughout the day but gives you a general overview of what a day can look like for me.  

So I have listed out a few myths below to help disillusion you about what it is like to work from home. 

Myth #1 – We are lazy and sit on our buts and binge watch T.V. all day 

While this may be true for some work at homers, it is not the norm for productive people who have to fight and strive to stay focused in their environment. I hear all the time about how people who work from home are lazy. When in reality we are just as productive if not more than those who work in an office. We don’t have the luxury of keeping work at work and home at home because the two are so interconnected. 


Myth #2 – We can do whatever we want

While we can certainly work in various locations with a laptop, it isn’t always in our best interest. I would love to grab my laptop and sit on the beach, but what is the likelihood of me actually getting work done? In reality, we have to hold ourselves accountable and that means having a stable work environment for us to get shit done. 


Myth #3 – We are not busy 

You saw that schedule above, right? We are far busier than those who work in an office because we have more to do throughout the day. This ties back to home and work being connected of course. I do not have time to drive so and so here and pick up lunch for Tom, Dick, and Harry. Do you? 

All I am saying is to think before the next time you say, “well you work from home so…” We deserve just as much respect as those who work in an office. All of our time is just as valuable. 


Comment below on your work at home experience!

Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi

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Ambika is a project manager with a Master’s Degree in IT Project Management and 8 years of experience helping companies organize business processes and projects. She works from home while raising 3 children. She has been studying Dr. Pillai's practices on spiritual enlightenment for 3 years and is a certified Pillai Center Coach.

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