How Hi-Health Formula Changed The Way I Live and Work

How Hi-Health Formula Changed The Way I Live and Work

So I started taking Nambu Botanicals’ Hi-Health formula around the end of December 2016. At first I was skeptical but I had a discount so I went ahead and bought it. I was originally looking for a solution to just have a general ‘feel better’ outcome. What ended up happening blew my mind!

I have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy, along with Menopause from a full Hysterectomy at 26 years old. I have grown up with quite a few health issues and haven’t really felt my best in a long time. Again, that all changed when I started taking Hi-Health formula. I noticed a significant increase in my daily productivity and general well being, than from the previous few months. Here’s what happened:

  1. Significantly Lower Naps – I noticed where I was taking 1-2 naps a day, gradually they became less and less. Now I have to take 1-2 naps a WEEK. For someone with Narcolepsy this is a dream come true let me tell you. Now that I don’t take as many naps, I am able to work more, spend time with my family and grow my business.
  2. Enhanced Focus – I am a project manager for Pillai Center (a spiritual growth company) and an entrepreneur. I have anywhere from 20-30 active projects happening at one time. I used to spend maybe 2 days of the week SUPER FOCUSED and the other 5 bouncing from project to project or idea to idea. Since taking Hi-Health Formula I have more focused days, which allows me to get way more done.
  3. Creative Flow – Prior to taking Hi-Health I was struggling to tap into my creative side and get my business going. Now I am able to sit and brainstorm easily with ideas flowing one after the other. My creative problem solving skills have also increased dramatically.

What’s in Hi-Health?

That’s the best part for me. I was bent on not taking harsh vitamins or medicines due to a previous stomach ulcer. Not to mention the meds they put you on for Narcolepsy feels like the equivalent of 5 red red bulls.

It contains Turmeric & Black Pepper Extract which are completely natural. In addition to that, Hi-Health is infused with ‘power sounds’, also known as phonemes or mantras that help make it even more effective. Hi-Health is now super boosted for absorption with a key ingredient addition – black pepper extract. In recent studies, black pepper has been shown to increase bioavailability by 1000 times!

Your joints are happy, the puff in your eyes is lost and you feel better getting rid of all kinds of body inflammation caused by free radicals. Hi-Health combats age with its potent antioxidant benefits. 
Turmeric, a much-revered herb both scientifically and spiritually is loaded with powerful phytonutrients, known as curcuminoids, improves the health of cell membranes, making us more resistant to serious infection and disease. Beyond anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, Hi-Health has sounds that detoxify your energy body and uplift Belief in yourself.

Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi

Blogger / Writer / Project Manager / Mom

Ambika is a project manager with a Master’s Degree in IT Project Management and 8 years of experience helping companies organize business processes and projects. She works from home while raising 3 children. She has been studying Dr. Pillai's practices on spiritual enlightenment for 3 years and is a certified Pillai Center Coach.

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