Now we all know technology has made significant improvements in our lives and this post doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a task management app, but rather add an old-school system to your daily routine.

What is this old school system you ask? It is simply using pen and paper. Now stop shaking your head and just hear me out. Apps are great, but there is a certain effectiveness to using own and paper to manage your daily tasks that you just can’t get with your devices.

Enhanced Productivity

Think about this logically for a second. Yes, transferring your tasks from device to paper sounds like extra work, but it actually saves time throughout the day. While it is adding an extra step in the morning, it saves the innumerable steps of bouncing from task app to work to task app and then the inevitable social media distractions. Think about how much time you spend going to the app on your phone and then all of a sudden you see a notification for Facebook and then an hour later you are looking at photos from high school.

Better Focus

Having a bunch of tasks laid out in your app tends to become overwhelming. Taking the time to review your overall tasks and selecting the priority tasks for the day helps you to stay focused on what needs to be done. There were times where I was guilty of picking and choosing my tasks based on want to do rather than need to do. By looking at my task list and picking the ones that are the priority for today and writing them down, I can stay focused by seeing this minimal list and not allowing myself to go to my bigger list until I finish the one I have written down.

How Does This Old School System Work?

It is really simple. At the beginning of your day or the previous night which I prefer, you look at the upcoming tasks and list them on your sheet of paper in order of priority. When you go to start your day you’ll have a clear roadmap of what needs to be done without all the fuss.

What task management systems do you use? Comment below!

Ambika is a project manager with a Master’s Degree in IT Project Management and 8 years of experience helping companies organize business processes and projects. She has been studying Dr. Pillai’s practices on spiritual enlightenment for 2 years and is a certified Pillai Center Coach.

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